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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Originally Posted by B-squared View Post

Theoretically, the same angular momentum can be produced from sticks of different mass (and different pitch). It's the mass times velocity that produces momentum and both can be altered. Technically, it isn't necessary to pitch match sticks. Practically, it make them easier to play, but even then, there are limitations to how well they can be matched, Trees grow differently and have slightly different densities. Some shop QC can mitigate a lot of that variation, but it isn't that exact. Structural engineers need to use lumber grading and species property data all the time, and the species variation is considered when publishing design values. There is a lot higher standard of deviation in the material properties of wood than in most man-made building materials, like steel.
great point. Indeed, the physics of wood and pitch of course ultimately depends on its biology, within and between tree species, so impossible to pitch match consistently. It makes you then think how we can speak of different woods and their pitches consistently in shells, at least in mass produced drums.

For example, would two different multi-ply birch shells rolling off the line have quite a bit of variability in fundamental tone for this same reason?
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