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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

orchestral ? Maybe. But there may be another requirement....

There was one venue I had a regular gig at (jazz standards, fairly low volume) and the "stage" (meaning over-sized riser) was surrounded by glass (in back) and brick wall (either side). The floor was oak. The onstage sound was beyond anything I have experienced.

I heard overtones in my cymbals that I never heard before and many I didn't like. For the first time, I HAD .... absolutely HAD ... to have sticks that were close in pitch for all the ride work. Maybe I got a bit fixated on it, but I could tell instantly, when changing from brushes to sticks, which stick I had in my right hand. This was an unusual scenario, I'm sure.

And no, I didn't spend hours at the music store checking out sticks. I'd grab a pair, tap on a ride cymbal and get a set that were close enough. (why did he tap on the counter???)

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