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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Originally Posted by rstix View Post
a trick i was taught was to knock each stick against the side of your head above each ear and listen for pitch.
Nah, that's not stick pitch's your ears ringing from belting yourself sensless with a block of wood.

I've always thought the new fangled idea of "pitch matching" to be a bit of a wank really. I still roll and tap every stick I ever buy, but that has more to do with ensuring that nothing sounds inherently "wrong" with the stick as opposed to wanting the pitch to match. I also pay little attention to supposed factory pitch matched sticks. I grab the sticks that fit my personal tolerances and put them in the bag......that way when I grab two they'll always feel like a pair.

Like others, as long as the feel is more or less the same, they are straight and with no audible or visual defects, that's all I need.
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