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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I'm not so hip to sticks being 'pitch matched' as much as I am that they weigh the same. I suppose if weighing the same makes their pitches match, I guess that's a pleasant by-product.

When I go buy sticks, in addition to rolling for straight ones, I take all the heaviest ones too.
Same here. As long as they are similar weight, I don't care.

Another thing about pitch-matching. If it's so critical, why isn't every stick pitch-matched the same. I know this is impossible. For me this is where the whole pitch-matching thing falls apart. If you're playing and either break a stick or drop one, you reach in your bag to grab a...(gasp)...NON pitch-matched stick!

What's the point of buying a matched pair if you don't always play with THAT pair. I have a few pairs in my stick bag and play with whatever two sticks I happen to grab. I've never had anyone say, "Dude, your left hand is way higher pitched than your right. What's up with that?"

@ larry...Yeah, that kid was super anal. I couldn't look away from his process. It was like a trainwreck. I couldn't believe someone would spend that much time messing with drumsticks.
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