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All of Tony's Blue note stuff in the 60's is great. The 70's stuff has great drumming, though i didn't get into the music as much. Personally, when "Foreign Intrigue" came out I was impacted in a huge way. I love all of his solo stuff in the 80's and 90's the best ( I wish that they were still in print. I can't believe that they aren't. I'm always checking Ebay.) and a close second is anthing with him and Ron Carter and Herbie H.
It such a big inspiration for a drummer to writing so many originals put them out with a great band and so much success as he had. He really took his music to new levels and pushed himself further each time. He also raised up some young great players in his band (aka Art Blakley).
I feel blessed to have heard him live!! I had him sign some albums at that time, but I don't have them anymore. DOH! Well, I'm not really into autographs myself.
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