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i agree with what you wrote totally. i just want to hold some people up on the fact that travis can be someones favorite drummer, even though you know the fact hes not the best, and you dont claim he is, but you still choose him as a fav b/c he is what you looked up to when you started, which is the case for me b/c i like his style alot, his chops are pretty good, and hes creative for his genre. maybe its just me and im reading posts wrong, but people seem to be posting some what (not straigt up insulting) demening posts. im hating the word "kids" to discribe fans of barker (which im not a kid but a big fan of barker).. while many fans are kids, the conotation attacthed to the word seems degrading. im not tring to strike up a frenzy of defending posts but just a warning that some people, besides me, im sure are interpreting your posts that way...again maybe its just that i have an aversion to the word but.... yea...
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