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Default Help me pick a Tama hi-hat stand

I'm evaluating a few hi-hat stands for my kit. It'll be exclusively for use at home, so tour-grade equipment is not necessary. That said, I'd like something that doesn't fall apart or damage any other equipment due to poor fabrication. I narrowed down on Tama, since they seem to make quality hardware and the price points seemed more reasonable than Pearl or Mapex out here. Short-listed the following models:
1) Tama Swingstar DX HH25W
2) Tama Stagemaster HH35W
3) Tama Road Pro HH75W

The Road Pro seem to be the most reliable of the lot, but they're also more expensive. I thought the 35W seems to be a good reliable beginner/lower end intermediate stand, while the DX seemed like a significant update of a lower end stand.

Any drawbacks going with the Swingstar DX? It's double braced and looks to be of sturdy construction. The only reason I'd opt for this over the Stagemaster is the price, I could really afford to save the $$$ and I read somewhere on here that splurging (if you can call it that) on a high end stand before you know how to use one effectively is pointless.

Or should I ignore everything below Road Pro level from Tama? As mentioned, I'm not going to be touring with it and money is of "Mission Critical" status these days. If I'm looking at that price level, would Pearl's H-1000 or H-900 stands be superior?

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