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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Matching pitch is important for certain applications, orchestral work comes to mind. Actually, just orchestral. For everything else, it's far less critical. That's not to say you need to tolerate a large difference between your sticks, as markedly different weights can cause feel problems. That may or may not manifest itself in your playing, or the sound (given that one stick is typically on the hat opr ride, and the other on the snare...) but it may be annoying or distracting that the sticks behave differently. I like to have my sticks within 4 or 5 grams of each other, any more than that and it bothers me. The Vic Firths are pretty consistent, but I have no problem re-purposing noticeably lighter or heavier sticks.

Re warpage, a little doesn't bother me, but if it's enough where the rotation of the stick yields dfifferent feels as I'm playing, I'll toss or re-purpose that stick.

Drums are a very tactile instrument, and the sticks are our primary connection to them. Feel is very important to the overall comfort level when playing, and if anything is off, it can have an adverse effect, depending how sensitive we are to that connection.


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