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Default Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Am I missing something here? I have never put much focus into this. When I pick out a new pair of sticks, I try to at least make sure both sticks feel the same and they aren't curled like a banana.

I bring this up because I was in a music store the other day and couldn't help but notice some kid in there trying literally every stick in the store's inventory of the model he was looking for. He went through a painstaking process of playing every one of them on the counter, A/Bing them against each other.

I wonder how critical this is. I don't think I've ever had two sticks that sounded identical. I use traditional grip, so just the way I hold my hands makes the sticks sound different, especially on a countertop. Maybe on a practice pad too. But on a drum where we actually play, I don't think anyone could hear the difference.

Is this a big deal in the studio? I would assume you could probably hear the difference in a studio recording, maybe not.

Anyway, I just wonder how many of you go to such lengths to get your sticks pitch-matched or is just a straight pair of evenly weighted sticks good enough for you?
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