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Default Re: Music University/College?

Also consider the difference between a conservatory and a university with an arts and science music department/program. My friend at Berkley is taking WAY more music classes than I am, but since my degree is a Bachelors in the Arts of music (at TU) - i get the advantage of getting a well-rounded education of a liberal arts university including classes in chemistry, political science, gender studies, english, philosophy, etc.
That dosen't mean I didn't have to take music theory I - IV, ear training I - IV, music History I, II and III - film scoring, audio engineering, and ensembles up the wazzoo.

Speaking of ensembles - I think at a conservatory you will be exposed to a wider range of music like jazz, funk, fusion, avant-garde, improv, rock - where as at a university you will have more ensembles like Marching Band, wind ensemble, symphonic wind ensemble, orchestra, vocal chamber, jazz big band, jazz combo, jazz vocal trio, etc.
This is just going off comparing myself to my buddy at Berkley in boston - both schools have their pros and cons!!
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