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Default Re: Music University/College?

Good questions. I think you can rest assured that in a music school, you will be exposed to other musics in addition to just 'jazz'.

However, I encourage you to look at your quest from the other side. It's traditionally the point of getting a higher education to be able to gain some kind of employment to show for your financial commitment to this endeavor. What is your plan after you've finished school? Are you trying to be a music teacher? Or do you want to be a music player for a living?

If you are going to be a teacher, I suggest speaking with other music teachers locally to see what they did to gain the positions they have. If you want to be a player, talk with the pros you know and find out what they did to be able to constantly gig to make ends meet. You may be surprised what you find out - and you should find out before you commit to a 120,000+ student loan bill. Good luck!
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