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Default Music University/College?

Alright... I'll try to make it short so that you guys don't get bored...
So, I'm new to this forum, but I've been playing the drums for 4.5 years (kinda short I know) and I'm 17 years old (yes, I'm a teenager, young and foolish.) It's gotten to that point in my life where I have to think about further education, and well, I realized that I was happy playing the drums and doing things related to music, so I decided I wanted to go to a music university/college. I was really thinking about Juilliard, Berklee, Oberlin or Manhatten. But since I live in Canada, I also heard that McGill has a great music program as well. I was wondering if you all had any thoughts or advice, or maybe you would recommend some other university/college.

Also, one question, as I was browsing through these universities/colleges, I noticed that a lot of these jazz ensembles played primarily just jazz. But in high schools, even jazz bands don't play just jazz, they different genres, like big bands. So, I wanna know, is it just jazz in universities? Or do these ensembles also allow you to play different genres of music, like what big bands do?

Yes I know I write a lot...
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