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Default Re: Drums and American taxes

Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
Follow DED's advice re: "stage" clothing-- that's kind of a classic red flag for getting audited. .
Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Never had a problem with stage clothing, although my expenses are relatively small - $400 one year, $260 another, $53 another. Hey, sometimes ya gotta go buy a Western shirt or five to work with a band, and Target's $15 shirts just don't cut it.
Per the letter of the law, if your stage clothing can be worn off stage, it is not a deduction.
Even if said outfit is nothing you would WANT to wear off stage.

It is a bit of a grey area, in that the law is not always applied fairly across all professions.

In the case studies I got in school, a construction worker gets to write off construction boots without a thought even though said boots can be worn as every day clothing. A waiter buying a tux to work a wedding can't write off said tux, because you might wear it to a non-working event.
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