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Default Re: Beginners practice regime

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I still think this is the right approach, though. Learning the fundamentals in this manner might come across as sterile and unoriginal but for the first few months at least, you're not necessarily in the position to express yourself and you're still learning the mechanics of basic playing.

I used to teach in Primary Schools and there is a difference between mechanically learning to write and being able to express through writing. You have to be able to mechanically write before you can start composing a story, right? That's not to say you shouldn't teach expression or encourage it at the earliest possible time - far from it - but if you're being hindered by your mechanical inability, then you need to solve those problems before you express ideas.
That is an excellent analogy. But I couldn't "scribble" and I think that was a shame. I'm only scribbling now after I've learned calligraphy!
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