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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by StaggerLee View Post
Hey has anybody been watching the jazz weekender on BBC4? The remastered Dave Brubeck tapes were to die for. Joe Morello was also at his finest :)
I watched bits of it in admiration and bits of it with disdain. Not the Brubeck tapes, mind. There was a performance by Chick Corea with Tony Williams and drums and was taken aback with just how straight-ahead it was - considering it was Tony circa 1990 (he had the 'New York 1990' yellow kit). I did laugh enormously at the crowd of people on one of the recordings standing there in silence, bopping their heads.

Mixed is my view. I love the BBC but I've never felt that their music coverage was particularly good - at least the television side. Radio 3 gets music right but the television channels tend not to.
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