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Default Re: Drums and American taxes

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Paul, is the drafting service your business or are you an employee of another business?

I am incorporated, but either way, corporation or a sole prop, I can still report music income and deduct music expenses.

There are some categories that are red flags, especially meals and entertainment.

If you don't take everything you are legally entitled to, well the government likes it that way.

When it comes to taxes and insurance's, I take every penny I am entitled to, and especially with insurance companies, make them pay for anything they have agreed to. F them. They F me every chance they get. It's a big game and they are not on your side.
This is true. I've been naive about tax deductions for a long time, but it is just getting ridiculous now. So I have to be more prudent these days because they are just running free with our dough.

The drafting service was just me doing side jobs for various Land Surveyors. But I did a big job with the company I am currently employed with and they ended up needing a full-time drafter because business finally picked up in California. It's nice to have benefits and health insurance, I guess. Just in case, you know?
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