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Default Re: Best snare heads for sharp/cutting sound?

At least he has a Mapex snare. That solves 80% of the issue right there.

I'm kidding....I'm kidding...... ;)

I agree with Larry, this is a technique thing. I've played low tuned snares and my ability to crack a good consistent rimshot every time is essential to making the snare bark through the din of the other instruments. In fact, I would go so far as saying that being able to do good rimshots on a snare tuned any way (high or low) will crank the perceived pitch of the drum up. So it's probably not the drum, nor the heads, nor the tuning. Unfortunately, learning how to do consistent rimshots is just a matter of putting in the time on the drum. It's great that you encourage him to play - I know alot of players whose parents were not so encouraging - and it's a shame when I see kids really latch on to playing and the parents aren't quite as into it.
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