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Default Re: Another 'electronic vs. acoustic' thread

Originally Posted by picodon View Post
- make no noise at all! you definitely hear the kickdrum in every other room in the house.

I used to play the ekit in a small room in the basement that was not soundproofed at all. The wife told me she could hear the kick drum in the living room late in the evening.
I have now sound proofed the room as much as possible: double walls, double ceiling, double doors, I have painstakingly insulated the double doors so much it's hard to close them because of the air between them. I think I spent about as much on the soundproofing as on the e-kit. I played the a-kit this afternoon (not late evening OK), I think I was pretty loud but my wife said she had not noticed me. Food for thought, I hope.
It's a pity you'd never heard of these before embarking on your soundproofing venture
My practice space is far from soundproof, fortunately with these it doesn't have to be.
To the OP- for once I'll have to side with the acoustics for your particular situation. Jazz is known for it's subtlety and nuance- two areas e-drums are sorely lacking in.
In any case, I would have thought that the volume you'll produce on an A-kit playing jazz (especially with brushes) wouldn't be that significant anyway (or maybe I'm making false assumptions here)?
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