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Default Re: The death of retail music stores

All my local shops have been tiny with almost no drum gear. Even for guitars its all off brand beginner stuff because if they sell anything at all ever it's an off brand Strat copy. I was spoiled by the Memphis drum shop when I lived there. Now it's GC or nothing which is why I have to shop online. Interstate Music is the only place to get exactly what I want. They have killed the brick and mortar store though. They have almost every major brand that local store would never have. If I want a very particular size and model Zildjian I can only get it online. No shop would have it or order it without added cost. It sucks but that's the way it is. Even the chain of Office Supply stores I work for mentioned there will be a day when we will be irrelevant. "We need to get customers to shop online. But come to the store where we shop for them on our kiosk and they pay for it in store, not shop at home on their internet.." Whaaaat?!? It is sad.
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