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Default Re: For the runners - 1:42:44 - 1/2M

It's almost time for my first FM of the year. I am running the Steamboat Marathon in Steamboat Springs,Colorado on June 2nd. Today was my last long training run. I ran 25 miles in 4:03. It was just training but I am getting close to the 4:00 barrier. I think I can get it this year, but maybe not in this race. It's at altitude, which for me, means dry. I am accustomed to the thin air, but anyone who has been skiing in Colorado in the spring knows that 60 degrees F can feel like 95. The thin atmosphere means little UV protection and it will be hot and dry.

Fortunately, it's a resort town and it's got great restaurants, bars, and hot springs so I have a great place to recover. It's going to be fun. Maybe I can get my band a gig up there while I'm there. :)
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