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Default Re: The death of retail music stores

This has been discussed in other threads, but the bleeding from drum stores continues. If a store wants to compete with internet stores, then they need to fight fire with fire. Drum Center of New Hampshire and Memphis Drum Shop are doing just that. They put merchandise on You Tube, and have decent web sites, as well as cater to walk-in trade. They do not depend strictly on walk in business, but have made the world their market. They seem to be hanging in there, and adding names to their line up. Look and learn . . .

BTW, I recently looked at a number of stores for a snare drum gig bag, including the big box stores. Because Memphis Drum Shop has been so good at taking my calls, I through them the business. Great Folks to work with, even though they are 2 states away from me. You can still deal with a drum store, even if you can't drive there easily. You have to trust the guy at the other end of the phone.

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