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Default Re: Beginners practice regime

Hey man I'm chiming in with the last guy about fills, they'll come eventually with experimentation and learning how to groove.

When you learn how to groove a beat, the fills will come naturally because in order for a fill to be effective, they must also groove!

Learning to groove will take a long time, the best way to learn how to groove is to put yourself out there and go to open mics and ask questions, all the questions.

The best advice I can give you is that, even with the stuff you think you know, is take whatever it is slowly to a metronome and build it up. If your foundation is strong there's no way for your top to be shaky! It's like making a building, you don't build it on a bog and expect it to stay up forever. It's just going to sink and crash!

Lastly, get a teacher! If you do all this stuff, and have a teacher, you're putting learning on drums on basically easy mode.
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