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Default Re: Favorite Drummer?

Most of my favourite drummers have been named and re-named, but we don't see much of whom I would call Mr Tasteful... maybe because he sits so low, but you can tell it's him from the two li'l splashes...
I sooo love this song... btw I had to dig deep in youtube to find a live version that did not feature Vinnie Colaiuta, I am not sure how he got in there as MK did the original on Ten summoners tales, not intending to criticize VC in any way though, just as delicious but slightly different.é
After having heard him drum for about 20 years I finally got a look at him during the French Idols show. Not the easiest guy and he seemed to love to give his *Kaboum!* opinion usually straight against what the other jury members thought.

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