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Default Re: Farewell my friends :)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Geez Henri! I missed this thread and now I find you've vamoosed!

Thanks heaps for all the kind things you've done and said. You're a good man, George Bailey (don't know who George Bailey is, but ...).

I think it's a very good idea, though. If I had any sense I'd do the same. Enjoy having a life - you'll get heaps done and feel good about yourself.

The irony is that I was about to do the 10k post on the 10k thread - no, really! :)
If you get a chance Grea,watch the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".Jimmy Stuart and Donna Reid star as the main characters and there's deffinately a parallel in the George Baily character played by Jimmy Stuart and Henri.Both are men of character I think.

It's in black and white and one of the best movies ever made.Make some popcorn and watch what happened when Hollywood actually crafted motion pictuers.

Steve B
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