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Originally Posted by Bob Giunco View Post
Time for some new tubs. I play in a band 2-3 times a month. Straight ahead rock...Springsteen, Stones, Allmans, Petty. Looking for a nice 3 piece piece shell pack with a budget of approx $2,000.

I've narrowed it down between a Gretsch Brooklyn Series 3 piece in satin mahogany stain, 22/16/12, and an SJC custom 3 piece with a similar colonial maple stain finish, with the same dimensions. I really like the vintage, wood look. I've gotten quotes on both for around $1800.

Our band tends to get a little loud at times, so I need something that its going to be warm, but cut through as well. At this point, I love the Gretsch sound (and look) but SJC, being a custom shop, offers a zillion options for customizing. SJC makes really nice stuff, but for some reason I'm drawn to the Gretsch (I also have a catalina club for smaller gigs).

Any suggestions? Is there something I should be looking at in the same ballpark that I might have missed? Thanks!
Have a look at Tama Statclassic and the new Star line as well as the Gretsch.

Ludwig Classic,Keystone and Legacy lines all are great sounding drums as well

The thing about custom drums is resale value,so if your settled on custom,be sure it's something you can live with forever,and something that no other maker can provide.

The resale value of custom kits is nowhere near the original price.Kits that retailed for thousands,resale for mere hundreds.

Steve B

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