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Default Re: My possible alternative cocktail kit?

I got this as a gift recently (everything in the photo except the block and cymbals) - they're nice drums and very well made . The snare drum is a beautifully made drum in itself = full size. I have not found a comfortable way to play them yet. I may opt to sit/lean on a Barstool (need the drinks too) instead of standing the whole time while playing.

I haven't taken photos of the complete setup but mine happens to be the same Custom finish as you see in the ad photo here. They're made in Canada. My kit was missing a couple of parts so I contacted the drum builder. He not only sent me the parts....but he didn't charge me for them and he sent me a Promo package as well.

Cocktail kits are nice but far anyway....I would opt for a customized compact (nesting?) kit if that would work. I played a cocktail kit for about 1/2 hour once and just could not get comfortable....I have long legs and very large feet - that might have something to do with it.
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