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Default Re: New Kit Advice

I presume you have professional cymbals and a snare you love first?

I suggest going to as many stores as you can, and trying every kit for $2500 and below (you'll probably be able to bargain down to around $2000, kits rarely go for their RRP)
This includes kits marketed as "intermediate" kits. A pricey kit may not sound as good to your ears as a cheaper kit, so try as many kits as you can and choose your favourite, only your ears can decide!

However, I would suggest the DW Performance series, Pearl Masters, all the Tama Starclassics, (especially the DW as I know you can get those in 3 piece shell packs) and of course the great Gretsch Brooklyn you're already tempted by, but I suggest not buying a kit until you've played as many kits as you can afford
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