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Default New Kit Advice

Time for some new tubs. I play in a band 2-3 times a month. Straight ahead rock...Springsteen, Stones, Allmans, Petty. Looking for a nice 3 piece piece shell pack with a budget of approx $2,000.

I've narrowed it down between a Gretsch Brooklyn Series 3 piece in satin mahogany stain, 22/16/12, and an SJC custom 3 piece with a similar colonial maple stain finish, with the same dimensions. I really like the vintage, wood look. I've gotten quotes on both for around $1800.

Our band tends to get a little loud at times, so I need something that its going to be warm, but cut through as well. At this point, I love the Gretsch sound (and look) but SJC, being a custom shop, offers a zillion options for customizing. SJC makes really nice stuff, but for some reason I'm drawn to the Gretsch (I also have a catalina club for smaller gigs).

Any suggestions? Is there something I should be looking at in the same ballpark that I might have missed? Thanks!
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