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Default Re: Another 'electronic vs. acoustic' thread

"I intend to fulfill every ounce of my rhythmic potential despite my late start"

LOL I recognise that! I went through this, bought an e-kit (Roland TD4KX) 2 years ago and a real kit (Yamaha Stage Custom) a few weeks ago. I think if you really feel that drumming is your mission in life, you will go acoustic anyway sooner or later. It's sexier, it's louder, it's more subtle, it's more in every way. An e-kit with an amp just isn't an acoustic kit. I don't want to insult the TD20s and TD30s among us or have the pretention I even know what they are like (I do know, price-wise), but what happened was I had a lot of fun on my e-kit and thought I was drumming until a friend let me play on his 15 years old Export and I discovered your left foot actually feels what the hi hat is doing, and unlike on the e-kit pedal, opening and closing at the right time is quite a handful! It's almost like playing golf on the wii versus playing golf for real. In other respects an a-kit is easier: the snare and toms are way bigger than the vdrums. I got this red haze in front of my eyes and I just had to get an a-kit... Since I bought my real kit, the Roland is just standing there picking up dust.

If, deep in your heart, you really want an acoustic kit, you will end up buying one anyway. Now you can either buy it rightaway and rent a shed, or buy an e-kit first and an a-kit some time later (and still rent a shed). Financially it's probably similar. Note however that like any digital equipment an e-kit loses its value pretty fast as opposed to an a-kit.

Buying an e-kit first will give you much more practice time. OK. An e-kit will NOT :
- teach you how to play the hi-hat properly (my TD4 won't, at least)
- teach you how to tune!!! (took me 3 weeks to complete only a first attempt to get a decent sound!)
- (more experienced drummers can probably add several other things here)
- make no noise at all! you definitely hear the kickdrum in every other room in the house.

I used to play the ekit in a small room in the basement that was not soundproofed at all. The wife told me she could hear the kick drum in the living room late in the evening.
I have now sound proofed the room as much as possible: double walls, double ceiling, double doors, I have painstakingly insulated the double doors so much it's hard to close them because of the air between them. I think I spent about as much on the soundproofing as on the e-kit. I played the a-kit this afternoon (not late evening OK), I think I was pretty loud but my wife said she had not noticed me. Food for thought, I hope.

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