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Default Re: Beginners practice regime

Hi and welcome :)

You really are serious about drumming, aren't you? I like that - good for you!

Now, I'm not a very experienced drummer myself, but I have spent a large part of my life teaching and learning, so I know a fair bit about that, and what I'd say is that I'm glad you are going to such lengths to educate yourself, but beware of being too rigid. Go with the flow a bit, depending on what is going well/badly on the day. Some days you'll find yourself playing beautifully and when that happens, why stop when you've done your allotted time? Or if you've done everything you wanted to, in half the time you expected, why carry on? Other days you'll struggle with something and when that happens, sometimes it's better to work it through and other times it's far, far better to leave it and come back another time.

I wouldn't be too hung up on the amount of time you spend doing certain things. Ten good minutes are worth more than a rubbish hour.

And don't worry if you don't manage to play every single day. I almost always manage to find at least a few minutes a day, but some days it isn't possible and other days I simply don't feel like playing. As far as I know, nobody has yet died because of it!

Re fills: forget about them. They'll turn up one day when they - and you - are ready, and the less you plan them and worry about them, the better they are because they'll play themselves. Trust me: I used to lie awake at night fretting because I couldn't do them. I can now.

Re speed: yes, of course you want to build your speed, but accuracy comes first. Don't be afraid to play slowly and perfectly. The more time you spend playing slowly and perfectly, the quicker you'll be able to play fast and perfectly.

Happy drumming!
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