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Default Need some info about Sonor Force 1001 drum kit

Hi all. About 5-6 years back I bought a used 5 piece Sonor Force 1001 kit for my son to learn on. Then last year we got a sweet deal on a 5 piece Tama rockstar kit, so he switched to that, and the Sonor kit has collected dust. Now he is in a successful band playing big and small venues, and I can really see the value of having a smaller kit like the Sonor for certain events his band plays (he's not old enough to drive yet, so I have to haul all this stuff around!).

Anyway, we got the Sonor kit out and set it up, but when played side-by-side with the Tama kit, it sounds pretty crappy. Is the Sonor Force 1001 just a poor quality kit, or will some new heads make it sound good? I don't want to spend money on heads, etc. if it is not going to help.

If it is junk, what is a decent quality smaller kit that I could pick up?

P.S. I'm not a drummer myself, so please correct my mistakes and explain any lingo you might use. Thanks!

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