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Default Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?

I have both too, The Roland PM-30 is fantastic and the PM-10 is a close second. However, the head phone choice is not so easy. I have tried loads of different makes and models. Cheep to expensive. DON'T - bose quiet comfy 3. blow mine up. but the good ones are - Shure SE215 in ear monitors, they are very comfortable and sound great. But my all time favourites are Sony MDR-V150 I've had these for about 5 years, since i bought my first TD-12. They are great, the sound is first class, they can take the bass and not effect the top end. Only down side is after 3-4 hours, they start to hurt your ears. Good thing though, it gives you a opportunity to have a rest.
Hope this helps. Have fun.
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