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Default The death of retail music stores

Im looking at getting a new ride cymbal. I took a ride out to my all time favorite drum shop, a 5 star drum shop near me.

I was shocked and saddened to see that the place has obviously been going through some rough times. Where there used to be an entire section for each major cymbal brand was now one section with a pathetic selection of entry level cymbals and just a few good ones.

The high end drum showroom was gone. No more Tama bubingas or Yamahas on the floor. Now it was all Mapex and PDP.

The store was about 1/3 smaller, all of the stock was now in the showroom and the place looked messy.

It was sad, I've made every major drum purchase from them for the last 15 years.

Local Guitar Centers aren't much better. They also call you and send you like 50 emails every time you buy a pair of sticks.

Where can I go in NY to actually play some good cymbals?
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