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Default Re: Farewell my friends :)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Ha, the peer pressure begins :) Larry he can't date Mo - he's a married man.

You guys are worried about losing his cartoons. I've just lost my agent!
No, I'll think you'll find he's Polly's agent ;)

As one of the few here who's actually met Henri, I can tell you he's a man of some depth & few words. In other words, he's most sincere, & with a strong sense of priority. Just a really lovely man all round. If we're taking bets, I'd say he'll be away for a while. He has a lot to get on with, & needs that family focus to keep momentum.

As for a new tribe, he has the beginnings of one already in the UK. Both Duncan & myself are happy to lend a shoulder & more if he needs it. Unless his plans have changed dramatically, he's moving to the north of the UK. Duncan & I are both in the south (although at opposite sides of the country), so we're geographically remote from him. Never the less, it's difficult to see how such a lovely & talented man could struggle with making friends, but as all who've moved around will know, it takes time. I suppose getting into some form of musical collaboration is as good a method as any.

Actually Henri, if you're already lurking, Alex from Amedia isn't too far away from you. As you know, he's a great guy, & great company too. Just a thought :)
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