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Default Re: When learning songs, do you actually memorize the number of bars in each part, or do you go by f

Originally Posted by BrandonXD View Post
I go by the lyrical cues to know when the song progresses.

Which means I've encountered some difficulties with the departure of the vocalist in our band, I've resorted to learning most of the lyrics and singing along in my head...
Nothing wrong with singing along in your head. It works.

I've played in a variety of situations - Big Band, Metal quartet, Rock five-piece, flute-led Jazz quartet (that was fun) amongst others. I think the ability to follow any instrument is useful; if not vital. I'm happiest following a vocalist but can follow flute, saxophone, bass, guitars or (in situations where this is no monitoring) visual cues from either a conductor or another musician.

At some point or another - even at my deeply amateur level - being able to follow a variety of instruments has become very useful. Sometimes you'll have an instrument drop out due to technical issues (a guitar string breaking, channel goes out on the desk) or another musician forgets a cue and in those instances, being able to switch between instruments at will is useful. I still get things wrong mind you but I feel much more comfortable being able to follow others.
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