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Originally Posted by scarlit View Post
What you can do is throw your DW beaters on there and crank the springs a bit. The IC beater is also comparable in weight.

One thing I like about the Yamaha beater is I can keep the spring tension medium still get the quick response that I like because the beaters are so light.

I used to own 8000 and 9000 doubles, I still preferred my Yamahas. Although my gripe with the DW pedals is mostly about the design of that massive heel plate.

With pedals it's all about familiarity, for me at least. The Flying Dragon was the first high end pedal I bought, years ago. Since then, I have owned DW 9000, 8000, ICs, Speed Cobra, Mapex Falcon. Ended up going back to the Flying Dragon every time. The IC is the only other pedal I kept and still play regularly.
Your correct about the massive plate on the DW's the new yammmie pedal are very narrow. Maybe i will try the old beaters and see what it feels like, at any rate im gonna give it some time. Just thaought i was moving up with this 9500c as of now im not to sure ;)
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