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Default Re: Pearls of Wisdom from Dave Grohl

"Biggest band in the world", gee, doesn't think much of himself does he? The grunge movement, like rock and roll originally, found an audience with the disaffected. There were the big arena bands that were more about showmanship and very highly produced pop music (although now we revere the grooves that Gadd, Pocaro, Mason & company laid down), so if you wanted to be an "individual" with the other contrarian individuals, Nirvana was it. A lucky hodge-podge of folks with enough raw talent to overcome their backwards thinking and other foibles (well, some of them) to find an audience for their adolescent angst.

But hardly the biggest band in the world beyond a musical history nano-second amongst a fringe audience.

Concentrating on music is a great thing. There is more to music than just technique or theory. But neither is music the absence or repudiation of those things.
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