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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by billy ward
Thanks Drumbig - the part you are looking for is a DW part#9212. It is an arm that sits in a normal DW stand and you can mount two cymbals together like in x-hat configuration. Other companies make this kindo f thing as well, but NONE of them make it so that you can place very heavy 22" cymbal OVER a little 10 or 12 and still adjust the exact amount they are touching each other. Regarding those cover band gigs... I've dont that a ton in the past. This is why my book (modern Drummer publications) ends with my approach for what I call a "quickie chart system". You might enjoy seeing that sometime.
thanks agian-
Billy I really appreciate you taking the time to look that part up for me. I'm definately going to get your book. Thanks again.
Check out
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