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Default An anthem for Drummerworld

Sung to the tune of All Things Bright and Beautiful, more or less.
WARNING : Contains STRONG vowel movements.

All things tight and tuneable CHORUS
All kits both big and small,
All things you can think of -
Dear God we've discussed them all !

Which kit should I be buying ? VERSE
Which cymbOls are the best ?
Let's have some fun with badges,
'Coz Sticks is such a pest.
Which heads go best with which drum ?
And how should they be tuned ?
The most influential drummer,
Peart , Ringo or Moon ?


Let's go and look at Craigslist
Or How do I improve ?
"Have you tried thread searching ?
Oh man you're such a newb !"
Which drummers are you're favourite ?
What music means to you....
"We've answered that a thousand times,
So you can F. A. Q. ! "


So, chops or groove and pocket ?
There's so much to explain.
If you could see what it does to us,
You'd understand our pain.
And then there's 5,6,7,8,-
A bleeding heart or worse;
If it wasn't non-stop punning,
He's drowning you with verse !

FINAL CHORUS [ All together now ! ]
[ Ducks and runs for ]
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