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Originally Posted by rpt50 View Post
My son loves his. He tried just about every pedal available, and settled on both the Yamaha 9500c and an Axis pedal. The Yamaha pedal was over $100 cheaper, but appears to be just as well constructed, so it was a no brainer. He has not tried the strap drive parts yet. I did post a couple weeks back about how the Yamaha pedal was "migrating" during use because the rubber inserts on the clamp did not grip the bass drum hoop as well as the metal clamps on his old pedals. Some guys on this forum chimed in however and suggested putting some skateboard grip tape on the hoop. It works perfectly now!
Nice!! thanks for the feedback

Originally Posted by scarlit View Post
I own 3 Flying Dragons. They are great. Yamaha's been making great pedals for many many years, I'm sure you will be happy.

One this to be aware of, Yamaha has the lightest beaters out there, so it might feel a little odd coming from the DW and their much heavier beater.
You are completely correct, these are very ligh!t to point of SHIAT what did i do, compared to my DW 5000. Guess i will have to give it some time, ive got 30 days from guitar center. we will see???

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