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Default My Kit/Band's Rehearsal Space

[Let me know if this belongs in Off-Topic]

Well, my bandmates and I haven't the time or money to rehearse in a studio or formal rehearsal space, so we improvised. A few bands do this on campus, but I think we're the loudest. As a result, we've gotten some unwanted attention from the campus cops. We've been kicked out, investigated, sat on the pavement, had flashlights in our faces, told not to come back, etc. but we're there at least once a week. e practice on the top floor of the parking garage (away from the dorms and classes) and we really only practice Sundays or weekday nights real late (12 - 3 or 4 AM).

So I just wanted to share a few pictures, and as soon as our demo is done, I'll post some tunes. (My bass player is on the drums while I took the pictures)

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