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Default Re: My right foot(bass drum) twitches

Originally Posted by Cartoon View Post
My bass is full. I'm not sure what i guys mean by bury my beater. R u saying my bass might be too tight so it's bouncing instead of striking
Bury the beater...that means you mash the beater into the head, not allowing the beater to rebound at all. When you bury the beater on a bass drum with a full front head, well when I do it anyway, I get the unwanted "multiple bounce" thing going on. As opposed to letting the beater bounce off the batter head unimpeded.

I'm not saying your bass is tuned too tight. What I am saying is that on a bass drum with a full front head, if you bury the beater, you could experience what sounds like more than one note due to multiple bounces.

Edit: Ok just read your last post. Sounds like you are letting the beater rebound. That's good bass drum technique, as it pulls the best tone from the bass drum. (IMO) Which means your problem does sound like a legitimate muscle twitch. I was trying to determine if you were getting the multiple bounce thing happening from burying the beater. It does sound like a muscle control issue which should be able to be corrected with slow methodical practice to a metronome.

Your beater material (felt or hard plastic) shouldn't matter with this problem.
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