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Default Re: My right foot(bass drum) twitches

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Sounds like a muscle control issue. Try isolating the problem. Play slow quarter notes, on the bass drum only, to a metronome, set at say 50 BPM or less. Don't skip the metronome part. Your brain has to learn the spaces between the notes so you can "fire" your bass drum muscles at the correct time.

Aim for one hit only per click and try and bury the click.

Sounds boring, but look at it as a challenge to get it perfect. If you do that for 1 hour straight, that's 3600 hits, you really should get a handle on it.

Playing slow teaches accuracy and a whole lot more.

Do you bury the beater or let it rebound?
I think I let it rebound Becuz when I'm playing fast I work off the bounce to get a faster beat. My goal when I started drumming was to be able to make a double bass sound with a single pedel. I'm gonna try this exercise to night and see if it does improve. Thanks so much too all of u for the great advice still a little confused on the tune of my bass I might have it to tight and that might be causing it to bounce also I have the cylinder cotton looking beater. Would it be better to upgrade to the plastic with the rubber front?
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