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Default Re: New Club Date club member!

I have had my Ludwig Club Date SE shell pack for several months now. Great build quality on my drums. I like the near-vintage sound this low cost kit. While I was never that fond of the "old school" extra long t rods, the silver sparkle wrap (sort of) hides the look of the long rods. For functionality, I strongly prefer this over rods and hardware from the '60s. The modern steel is strong and light in weight! Two thumbs up as a great low cost kit.

For any of you who want longer spurs, try this temporary solution. I used a steel coupling nut and a three-inch threaded steel rod to extent mine. Gibraltar air suspension feet went on the three-inch rod. Some teflon tape on the threads to get a tight fit. Save the Ludwig feet in order to return it quickly to the stock configuration. Worked well for me.

While I do not have a pic of the extended spurs, here is a pic of my Ludwig Club Date SE shell pack. Sizes are: 13x9, 16x16, 22x14.

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