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Default Re: When learning songs, do you actually memorize the number of bars in each part, or do you go by f

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I feel that you should be able to count anything and everything. I can tell the bassist to watch out for the 16 th note anticipation at the end of bar 8 and we both get it.

Saves a lot of time.

I don't rely on cues from anyone. You should be able to play your songs with no accompaniment.

Yes, it's a lot of work but the working pros do it.
I tend to agree this is the goal. Although I also agree in a cover band with a large repertoire it's not always possible to get there out of the gate, but it's still the goal. And of course, listening is always a key.

The problem with relying on others for cues is they can, and will, make a mistake.
And really, the rest of the band is often relying on the drummer for the cues.

The drums are the foundation of a good band. If the foundation is waiting for a cue, things can get shaky quick.

I've observed that drummers who are in high demand are the ones who can lead the band on stage.
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