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Default Re: My right foot (bass drum) twitches

Originally Posted by Cartoon View Post
When I'm trying to do simple beats such as one and one and one on the bass drum my foot will twitch and make 2 sounds instead of one. It's almost like a reaction to the beat. Does anyone know how to stop this? I'm not sure if its because I like to play fast and when I slow it down it just wants to speed up again. Any tips would help thanks fellers
The double stroke you're referring to is normal, the pedal is only doing it's job and want to return in it's initial position, but your foot's on the way causing the second unwanted stroke, it's the control of the strokes/movements of your foot which causes the flutter action when you hit the batter head, it can happen with either techniques, burying the beater or playing on the rebound, using heel-down, heel-up or heel-toe with your foot.

You can avoid this by studying, analyzing and developing your movement and motion in regard to the pedal natural's action.

Also a lot can done by adjusting your pedal accordingly, your problem could be that the beater is too near the batter head, or the footplate of the pedal is set too high, or the spring is set to high increasing the speed of the return of the pedal.

Take time to adjust your pedal and/or your position behind the kit, you should be able to play your bass drum with control, accuracy, dynamics and feel without having a mind blowing experience to achieve it, it should be an effortless and a natural experience, like with you hands holding sticks, so you can concentrate in playing music, not concentrate and being distracted by bass drum flutters.

I've put a link below to give you some tips on how to get the setting working for you...

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
There are also some good threads already on this site about this topic that you should search for suggestions.
I'm gonna self promote myself here, lol...

The OP post deal with a (working) method of how to go about about setting the pedal and the drummer to achieve what you want while using your technique.

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
I don't wish to hijack this thread, but I have a couple of numpty questions: does "ported" mean with a hole in? And what difference does this make?
Yes Madge, it does mean having a hole in the reso head, typically a 4" port hole, it reduces the amount of air inside the bass drum by projecting it out, resulting in less rebound from the batter head and a dryer more punchy sound from the bass drum, it's also useful for micing purposes.
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