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Default Re: Vic Firth Nova sticks?

Originally Posted by 2bsticks View Post
I have been using the VF American Standard 5B. I love th feel, great stick for me but I thought that the round tip was denting my single ply heads a bit. So I am trying the the regular 5B nylon tip sticks. Did not realize these are shorter than the AS model L16 3/6 opposed to L 16. The regular 5B 's feel like balsa wood in my hands...holy crap. So I am giving the NOVA 2B a try, for $35.00 for 12 pairs I feel it's worth a try, if they suck then I go back to the drawing board, maybe the extended 5B's?
So the Nova 2B's arrived yesterday. I tried out about 8 pairs. For $35.00 I have to say so far I think they are well worth it. I rolled a few pairs and they are pretty straight. I remember not too long ago I would go to a music store, the guy would put a bunch of stick on the table and I would have to choose from those. So I will use them this weekend on a gig and see. The 2B is naturally a bit heavier than my 5B's but I used to play 2B's for years so no big deal.
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