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Default Re: MAD's cartoons & CD covers...

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
The only other answer that could work would be MAPEX SATURN...but that would be silly.
Silly indeed... :)

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
Alright, upon reflection and a little creative brain twisting I believe the answer refers to a drummer who used to frequent these parts. She left us at our most vulnerable and without posting the coveted 10000.
Aaah... now you're making sense... in fact you're absolutely correct!

Simon Phillips, Jamie Oldaker, Tommy Lee, Larrie Londin, Peter York, Carmine Appice, Gary Novak, Andy Newmark and Animal.

This quiz was in fact another ingenious plan to make Pollyanna post a little more towards that symbolic 10k post... agent has to do what an agent's required to do :)

Now as for the promoting clue...
Keep On Drumming
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