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Default Re: When learning songs, do you actually memorize the number of bars in each part, or do you go by f

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Oh my, I hope I can get to this point one day.
You might be there and not realize it. It's just knowing where you are in the song form, at all times.

We do a song, "Lay Down Sally". During the guitar lead, the bass layer is following the same note progression as a verse into a chorus. He goes through that whole progression two entire times for the guitar lead. I can subconsciously sing a verse and a chorus exactly two times during the entire lead. So the lead is the verse/chorus, that's the only 2 parts to that song. Simple. I don't think the bassist is counting, he knows when to change. His big problem is changing to the right note lol. I know when he get's lost. It's just memorizing the chord progression, which happens automatically when I learn a song. So the song, from the bass players POV, is verse chorus verse chorus etc until the end. It helps to think like a bass player and knowing when the chords are supposed to change. Count it, feel it, memorize it, just as long as you know the tune without relying on anyone, that's the goal.
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