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Default Re: My right foot(bass drum) twitches

First of all, what Larry said above. You have to learn good control with your feet. If you don't have that together, then nothing else is going to matter. Also:

When you play a note on the bass drum, the head can rebound significantly and inadvertently come into contact with the beater again after the initial note. This can cause an extra note, or even a buzz of several notes, to be played that you don't intend.

The key is to get the beater out of the way of the head or find a way to control the response of the batter head to prevent it from happening.

One approach is to bury the beater forcefully into the head. This prevents the kickback you are getting from the head, but it also squelches the head response and will cost you some tone.

Another option is to work on pedal technique until you learn to get the beater out of the way of the head so it never gets a second chance at coming into contact with the head.

In my experience, there are a ton of variables here that affect the feel of the bass drum head response. Tuning, types of heads, muffling, whether or not the head is ported and pedal tension are all things you can adjust to try to reduce this problem.

There are also some good threads already on this site about this topic that you should search for suggestions.
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